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Skokie Kids Party

Skokie Kids Party

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Go Bananas is the definitive destination for customers throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area who are trying to find the ideal venue to hold a kids’ party.  We are established as one of the most extraordinary kids’ birthday party places.  Between having the awesome rides and attractions you would find at an amusement park, we are able to combine these activities with the greatest pizza choices in the region!  Planning to hold the kid’s party outdoors, can be ruined simply by a thunderstorm.  Then, you are faced with bringing the entire party indoors.  That can be disastrous for families when there are excitable children and food and drink involved.  You might end up with punch on your new couch or cake and ice cream on your carpet.  Not only that, if you prepare the food, games and activities yourself, you are going to be exhausted before it’s time to clean up the mess!  In addition to all the work, you are going to spending a lot of money!  Consequently, when Skokie residents need a break from all the work and money involved in a Do-It-Yourself kids’ birthday party, the only name they need to know is Go Bananas!

Skokie Kids Birthday Party

Skokie, Illinois has more than 64,000 residents who live there and it is found in Cook County.  Go Bananas is located at 4516 North Harlem Avenue in Norridge, only 22 minutes southwest of Skokie.  We offer the following party packages for your kid’s birthday party:

  • Banana Super Safari: $25.95
  • Banana Bonanza: $21.95
  • Banana Blast: $18.95
  • Banana Bash: $15.95

We encourage our Skokie customers to select the party package which is the right fit for you and your child!  What’s more, we invite you to go to our kids’ birthday party page to establish which features are compatible to your kid’s party needs.  It matters not that it’s snowing or raining or blistering hot outdoors, Go Bananas’ is the best choice out of all kids’ birthday party places.  No other kids’ party venue delivers the remarkable games and rides than Go Bananas.  With all the variety of packages Go Bananas provides, our Skokie clients will be treated to the most outstanding and incomparable kids’ birthday party activities.  In fact, among kids’ birthday party places, no one measures up to the level of attractions that Go Bananas offers!

Skokie Kids Birthday Party Places

You will be able to count on our remarkable staff to ensure that your kid’s birthday party is the most unforgettable birthday event ever!  Once you have determined the most suitable kid’s birthday party package you want, you can anticipate that our extremely capable team of experts will take care of all the work and will take care of the cleanup, so you don’t have to do it!  Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to pick their favorite pizza recipe and the drinks from our attractive online menu.  Better yet, you can access money-saving coupons online, so whatever your do, don’t forget to check-our coupons to print-out and save!   For more information on how to throw the best kids’ birthday party bash ever, check-out our packages online at: http://gobananasfun.com/, or call Go Bananas, today, at: (708) 669-7029!

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Go Bananas is conveniently located in Norridge, IL — less than 30 minutes from Oak Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Park and Schaumburg.

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